Crystal. 19. Hong Kong.
I love good music (John Mayer ♥), movies, TV, books, tea and pilates. Currently trying to recover from ED.
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Jaws (1975)

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I figured out what happens when you open the GISH list. You go through the grief process.

1) Denial: Dear God, there’s no fucking way.
2) Anger: WTF Misha??
3) Depression: I’ll let my team mates down, I’ll let Misha down, I’ll let me down.
4) Acceptance: What the hell, lets do this shit and not give a flying fuck to dignity or what anyone thinks about it.


me before the gishwhes list is posted:

me after the gishwhes list is posted:

Comic Con Portraits (x)

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I am a potato in a field of flowers.


these are potato flowers. do you feel better about yourself now?

this is the most uplifting thing one of my posts has ever been blessed with

Potato plants are a member of the nightshade family and is toxic so you also have the potential to poison your enemies (with you know, the leaves and stems, not the roots that we eat).

The more you know.

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